Implant Restoration Specialist

Implants are one of the most technologically advanced methods of replacing missing teeth, and combined with an implant restoration can give you a replacement tooth that looks, feels, and functions exactly like the real thing. If you’re looking to cap off your dental implant, schedule a consultation with dentists Jeffrey Mitchell, DDS, or David Crosby, DMD, of Mitchell & Crosby Family Dentistry in Casa Grande, Arizona. Their team of restorative experts can make your smile whole again with a beautiful, strong, and natural-looking implant restoration. You can book your visit today by calling the office or using the convenient online tool.

Implant Restoration Q & A

What is a dental implant?

A dental implant is a tiny, titanium post that’s surgically inserted into your jaw, where it acts as an artificial tooth root.

Titanium is biocompatible, meaning that your body doesn’t recognize it as a foreign substance, so there’s no danger of rejection. This allows your implant to fuse with your bone, providing your jaw with healthy stimulation and serving as a strong and sturdy foundation for a restoration.

When combined with a restoration, a dental implant looks, feels, and functions exactly like a natural tooth, making your smile whole, healthy, and comfortable again.

What types of restorations are available for my implants?

Same-day crowns

If you’re missing or replacing a single tooth in your smile, you can cap off your dental implant with a high-quality crown. Mitchell & Crosby Family Dentistry offers CEREC® same-day crowns, so you can get your implant restoration designed, milled, and placed all in a single office visit. CEREC same-day crowns are made from porcelain so that they look and feel just like natural teeth, leaving your implant restoration to feel as if your tooth just spontaneously grew back.


If you need to replace several adjacent teeth in your smile, the team can fit your implants with a dental bridge. A bridge allows you to replace several teeth without having to get an implant for each one, giving you a full and healthy smile with a less-invasive procedure.


Implant-supported dentures can replace all of the teeth in your smile with a prosthetic that has a number of advantages over traditional dentures.

Because they’re held in place by dental implants, implant dentures are more comfortable and secure in your mouth, unlike traditional dentures, whose suction or adhesive bonding can sometimes feel awkward or bulky in the mouth.

What are the benefits of implant restorations?

Implant restorations improve your smile in a variety of ways. At their most basic level, they enhance the appearance of your smile by filling in the empty spaces where you’re missing teeth.

But implant restorations also offer a number of health benefits. By preventing your remaining teeth from shifting out of alignment, they keep the force of your bite evenly distributed, which prevents excessive wear-and-tear on your teeth and makes you less likely to develop jaw problems like TMJ disorders.

Implant restorations also provide healthy stimulation to your jawbone, which keeps your bone tissue alive and healthy, preventing your jawbone from resorbing and your facial muscles from weakening.

Improve your smile with implant restorations today by scheduling a consultation with the team at Mitchell & Crosby Family Dentistry. You can book your visit by calling the office or using the online tool.

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