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Crowns represent dentistry’s perfect union of art and science by replacing the cap of your natural tooth with a prosthetic that’s as beautiful as it is functional. Dentists Jeffrey Mitchell, DDS, and David Crosby, DMD, and the rest of the cosmetic dental professionals at Mitchell & Crosby Family Dentistry provide their patients in Casa Grande, Arizona, with beautiful and strong same-day crowns, so you can restore your smile in a single, easy visit. Get started today by calling the office or scheduling a consultation online.

What is a same day crown?

A crown is a prosthetic tooth cap that’s permanently sealed to an existing root structure like a natural tooth root or a dental implant. They cover up the entirety of your tooth above the gumline, and serve a variety of purposes like:

  • Replacing a missing or unsightly tooth
  • Restoring a tooth that’s suffered severe damage or decay
  • Reinforcing a tooth to protect it from further damage

Mitchell & Crosby Family Dentistry provide their patients with CEREC® same-day crowns, a state-of-the-art technology that allows the team to design and fabricate your crown in a single office visit.

Same-day crowns are made from a metal-free, high-grade ceramic material that’s biocompatible with the tissues in your mouth, giving you a beautiful and healthy restoration that fits in comfortably and effectively with your smile.

How is a same day crown different from a normal crown?

Normally, when you get a crown, your dentist removes some enamel from your tooth, takes an impression of your smile, and sends that impression off to a lab that makes the crown.

You have to wear a temporary restoration while you wait for your permanent crown to come back from the lab, which can take weeks.

With CEREC same-day crowns, the team at Mitchell & Crosby Family Dentistry prepare your tooth like normal. They then use a special 3D imaging camera to take the impression of your smile that’s fed into CEREC’s proprietary software.

The software designs your crown while you wait in the chair and “prints” it with an on-site milling machine — a 3D printer — that uses diamond burs to carve your crown from a tiny block of ceramic.

What are the benefits of getting a crown the same day?

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CEREC same-day crowns have a number of advantages over traditional dental crowns, including:

Saved time

You get your same-day crown in a single office visit, saving you a considerable amount of time going back and forth to the dentist’s office.

Increased comfort

Same-day crowns enable you to skip the temporary crown, so you can get a jump start on getting comfortable with your permanent crown.

Improved aesthetics

The ceramic material used for same-day crowns is virtually indistinguishable from the color and translucency of your natural tooth enamel, giving you a beautifully seamless restoration.

Enhanced strength

Same-day crowns are milled rather than layered and pressed, which makes them stronger and longer-lasting.

To learn more about how CEREC same day crowns can improve your smile quickly and efficiently, schedule a visit with Mitchell & Crosby Family Dentistry today by calling (520) 836-7111 or booking a visit online.

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